Friday, June 4, 2021

Surprising Miracle


"New York is a miracle that surprises me more with each passing day. There are no statues on this island that has been sliced into perpendicular, regular rectangles, nor domes or gardens. This gray, angular concrete jungle rises up, without a curve or an unexpected spiral, or a wisp of green. Wherever you look you find hard edges, geometric steel fire escapes, stone cubes. Despite this lack of grace it has a certain magic, which emanates from the skyscrapers that rise up like petrified giants and from the terror that quickens your breath as you walk down its endless avenues. At the end of each avenue, a patch of blue liberates you from fear. The sun, reflected against the windows, gleams brighter than diamonds. And at night, the windows burn hotter than stars."
Oriana Fallaci,  Oriana Fallaci: The Journalist, the Agitator, the Legend

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