Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sixth Birthday

Joseph Barbaro / Wikimedia Commons

NY Daily Quote turns six today! Who knew people had so much to say about New York? To celebrate, here are our ten favorite quotes from the past year. We look forward to bringing you many more.

10. "While Paris gets to your heart, London to your mind, and Jerusalem to your soul, New York gets into your veins, a lifeline that becomes part of you more than you become part of it."
Uri Savir, America in Quotations

9. "As soon as I left Manhattan behind, the beneficent, regal creature forgot me. It tolerated me when I was a student of eighteen, it gave me my chance, it celebrated me when I made it, and it forgot me the second I drove over the Henry Hudson Bridge. You're always just a foster child in the city that never sleeps. The second you go, someone else takes your room."
Kristan Higgins, If You Only Knew

8. "New York is simply a marvel! It is hard to believe it was build by humans, it appears like magic."
Frida Kalho, Frida Kahlo

7. "The thing about New York is everything you love about it changes, and you just have to learn to love that too."
Adam Janos, Our Town

6. "New Yorkers are willing to sacrifice and they just accept the hardships of being there by purely just being there because there is just this expectation that it will pay back. And that the harder it is, the bigger the payback will be. It’s kind of like the same sentiment behind some religions: The worse you have it, the bigger the reward will be."
Mira Ptacin, The Atlantic

5. "Any real New Yorker is a you-name-it-we-have-it snob . . . whose heart brims with sympathy for the millions of unfortunates who through misfortune, misguidedness or pure stupidity live anywhere else in the world."
Russell Lynes, New York: The Big Apple Quote Book

4.  "New York has always been the one place where people are nostalgic for when it used to be worse."
Sloane Crosley, How Did You Get This Number

3. "New York is a wonderful, wonderful place to live if you don't know where your home is."
Elizabeth Strout, The Globe and Mail

2. "New Yorkers don't look up because they are too busy looking ahead."
Beverly Rose, Both Feet Off the Ground

1. "In my mind, life and New York are the same."
E.L. Doctorow, The New York Times

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