Friday, January 17, 2020

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New york is the only place I know where every day, when you walk out your door, there is a good chance you might see something you never in your life have seen before. in a lot of ways. It's not like a big city, but like thousands of small cities sitting one on top of the other, intertwined and overlapping. 
Maximum Rocknroll

Brick and Stone

"Collection of brick, stone, steel, cement, lath, plaster and mortgages, arranged in ugly and inartistic masses, separated and criss-crossed by ribbons of asphalt, cobblestones and filth, superimposed upon a small island called Manhattan which is punctured and subwayed like a Swiss cheese."
Life Magazine

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Eats Its Young

Downtown Manhattan

"New York is the city that eats its young, with high-
rise teeth and pavement tongue. 

I came. 
I saw. 
I was digested."
John Skipp and Craig Spector, Dead Lines