Thursday, October 19, 2017

 only New York itself can write and understand its history. Biographies are failures. There is enough happening in any one person in five minutes of his day to occupy a biographer an entire lifetime. One would have to exist longer than Methuselah to describe and understand what happens one noon hour in New York.
jean toomer
Come on along and listen to
The lullaby of Broadway.
The hip hooray and bally hoo,
The lullaby of Broadway.
The rumble of the subway train,
The rattle of the taxis.
The daffy-dills who entertain
Until the dawn:
Lullaby of Broadway

Brooklyn Smell

"Brooklyn smells like a combination of an ocean breeze, Calvin Klein Eternity, and weed. It might be my favorite smell ever."
Jillian Dodd, The Keatyn Chronicles